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  • By accessing your higher self and the I AM presence your Akashic Records begin to open.  This helps to reveal your beauty and excellence, which can help you navigate your life choices.

  • Readings can also include healing, extraction of obstacles, shadow work and shamanic journeying. 

  • I leave you with tools that you can continue using in your daily self work or meditations.

  • Reading sessions are about 60 minutes or longer, depending on type of reading.

  • Distance readings available by SKYPE or phone.

  • Free consultations available.

Birth chart Reading
original art by elaine noyes

Soul Portrait Reading

$60-90 per session

These are specific messages revealed to you so that you can remember your essence-self. Each soul portrait is unique and can be refined and commissioned into a painting.

Relationship Reading
relationshp readings

Relationship Reading

$60 per session

Energetic harmonies or imbalances reveal themselves in each relationship reading.  Priorities and life paths are discussed in the context of the health of the relationship. Relationship readings offer guidance as opposed to predictions.  Life choices ultimately remain your own.

yearly Transit Reading
energetic evaluations

energetic evaluation

$60-90 per session

An objective look at your aura, layers of aura, chakras, channels, parasites, cords, tears/rips, and hooks (if they are present).  Readings can include cord clearings, removal of hooks, and repairing of tears/rips - always performed with forgiveness and gratitude. 

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