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 After invoking the I AM

presence which accesses your

Akashic Records,  I draw a quick

  sketch which includes some

energy clearing and reading .

       This reveals a glimpse into

aspects of yourself

 in the way Beauty

sees you since always.





                      Whereas the SOUL PORTRAIT

                   offers a quick glimpse of your Soul,

                        the custom painting deepens

                         the connection with totems,

                     guides, and energetic imprints.

                   Design your painting as a shield,

                      wall hanging, or framed work

                          so that it empowers you.

                    Prices vary, and as a result of

               entering into ceremony

               with your requests,

                      the entire piece is channeled

                         Prices begin at $300.

The following paintings

are channeled from Spirit

and are primarily created

as wall-hangings.

Originals  painted with

acrylic on canvas.

HD prints available.





Original channeled paintings

by Elaine.

Heading 6
Om Ah Hung Vajra Guru Pema Siddhi Hung c.
          24"X 26"acrylic on canvas wall hanging
     The recitation of this Tibetan Buddhist mantra
                     will guide you towards the
              original title, "The Unbound Self "
     prints also available 12"x 12" up to original size
     for all reproductions, on quality stock or giclee
                  Red Horse Prophecy
                       24"X 24" Acrylic on canvas,
                           fringed ( not pictured )
                    This prophecy speaks of the
               inevitable, cyclical Earth Changes
                   which offers a portal through
                         which we individually
                       find our true purpose.

                     Eagle's Gift

              36"X48" Acrylic on Canvas

                         wall hanging


           The Eagle brings awareness

of new evolutionary Sun Disc

             Codes, aligning our energetic    

           imprint with the New Earth. 


Heading 1

Rainbow Dragon


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